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Capital Logic Investment Ltd. is a collective of highly qualified and highly experienced business professionals. We’ve come together to provide a portfolio of essential disciplines and services for our clients, on the most accessible basis possible.

The reality of small businesses is they don’t stick to a strict, pre-planned timetable. Things happen unexpectedly. Needs arise outside the 9 to 5. And the way CLI works, we can respond to that perfectly. We are truly a 24 hours operating company.

For us, it’s not about working part-time or flexi-time. It’s about working smart-time. It’s about being available and adaptable.

It may be unconventional, but it couldn’t make more sense, and with our customised solution for each individual or business, IT WORKS.

Our Mission

    •   To be recognized as a premier global service
    •   To deliver “best in class” client service
    •   To create a culture that enables us to attract and retain the best people

Our Culture

We are proud of the culture we have built:

  • We are one team: investment research, client service, and administration
    Working together makes each aspect of the firm stronger.
  • We share a passion for excellence
    From the beginning our goal of investment excellence has driven every decision we make.
  • We seek partners rather than employees
    Everyone in our firm, in every role, is eligible to be a partner. Our retention levels, our
    shared sense of purpose with our clients, and our team focus are enhanced by our culture of
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